Jeremy and Jon in parliament
Jeremy and Jon in parliament

Our political system should be founded on the power of people, not the power of big money. Let’s be clear, this is the only way a democracy can work, otherwise we are in danger of upholding an oligarchic state of affairs. 

 But rule by and for a privileged elite – masked by some democratic trimmings – is what we are currently experiencing. Too often decisions are made in the interests of a wealthy  few who can effectively buy influence through political donations, lobbying and “old boy” networks. 

Look at our new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. He has accepted nearly £1 million in personal donations from hedge funders and bankers. Do you think that will have an influence on his attitude to regulating the banks? And do you think they’d have given him  all this loot if they didn’t think he was their guy? The answer is obvious

That is why I have been working hard to deliver a suite of policies that will radically transform the iron grip big money has over our democracy. 

It is totally unfair, and unpatriotic, that donations from tax avoiders can be accepted by political parties in this country. Why should those who contribute nothing to Britain have more of a voice than working people who pay their taxes? 

I am pleased that today Jeremy Corbyn is announcing that a Labour Government will ban all donations or loans to political parties from non-doms and people who claim to not live in the UK to avoid paying tax to contribute to our public services and infrastructure

But is not just about money, it’s also about breaking open our state structures to prevent the culture of hidden deals and influence. That is why I will be making further announcements in the coming weeks, that will  begin to clean up the murky world of big money in politics.


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