Today the Labour Party will be campaigning to highlight the long record of broken promises the Lib Dems have delivered in the past four years.  

Here in Sheffield the campaign will have a sharp focus because one of the city’s MPs is none other than Nick Clegg. Remember him?  He’s the one who painted his as the party of high principle at the 2010 General Election.

Then he was shiny and new. Now he looks rather shopsoiled — every single serious pledge the Lib Dems made has been broken.

His party promised to scrap tuition fees, then trebled them. They promised to keep VAT low then increased it. They promised fair taxes then gave millionaires a tax break.

They say they have fixed the economy but with people on average £1600 worse off, no one is feeling better off.

They promised to deliver constitutional change, to reform the House of Lords and the voting system; low and behold they delivered neither.

The voters have noticed they aren’t getting what they voted for -; it’s no surprise that they have slumped in the polls. 

Many people will feel that the worst decision the Lib Dems took was to enter into a coalition with such a right wing Conservative party..

Personally, I believe the most catastrophic thing Nick Clegg has declared is his ambition to remain Deputy Prime Minister whichever party gains the most seats at the next general election. This shows Nick Clegg to be nothing other than an opportunist; happy to cling on to power no matter what.

This is everything which the British public hates about politics. It is utterly immoral and nakedly ambitious.

And it’s not just Nick Clegg who is breaking promises. The Lib Dems are all the same, even Lib Dem councillors here in Sheffield show a lack of loyalty and conviction, sharing similar traits to their dear leader.

Let me elaborate – Shaffaq Mohammed who has represented the Broomhill ward for over ten years has done a chicken run; fearing an embarrassing election defeat he has decided not to seek re-election in Broomhill and instead he will stand in a safer Lib Dem seat in Nick Clegg’s own constituency.

But we have news for the Lib Dems: they can run, but they cannot hide.

My first point of call on my visit to Sheffield will be to Shaffaq’s old ward, to support the Labour candidate, Kat Baker.

I will then be heading straight to Nick Clegg’s own constituency where I will meet with Crookes ward Labour candidate Anne Murphy who is hoping to beat Shaffaq, the Lib Dem leader who has no links to his new ward.

Labour has two great candidates, Kat Baker and Anne Murphy, who will work hard and stand up for ordinary working people in their areas. And with our 10 – point cost of living contract, Labour has made a concrete promise to people. This promise includes freezing energy prices, helping working parents with 25 hours of free childcare and tackling zero hour contracts.

Nationally and locally the Lib Dems have leaders who give politics a bad name. They won’t be forgiven by the people of Sheffield and the country as a whole.


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