Everyone I talk to thinks that the Conservative Government works for the wealthiest people in our country and not for everyone else.

New evidence has emerged which demonstrates the truth of this viewpoint.

This is because the new figures have been published as to who pays for the Conservative Party.

It’s astonishing that over half of the donations from people since the beginning of the election campaign have come from the tiny elite group identified by the Sunday Times as the 1000 richest people in Britain.

Since the election was called a few weeks ago, a handful of these mega-millionaires have donated more than £1,300,000 to the Conservative Party. Clearly they believe that the Tories exist to help people like them, so are using their wealth to help the Tories in return.

And the truth is that it exactly this group of people which this Government has looked after the best.

While the rest of us have been suffering from austerity, the Rich List been getting even richer. In 2005, before the financial crisis began to bite, their combined wealth stood at about £250billion. Now, they have more than doubled their wealth to £658bn.

These are the people benefiting from a Tory Government. No surprise then that  they are trying to use their money to get themselves another one.

The truth is that the wealthy and the Conservatives ‘sup from the same pot’ as we say here in Yorkshire.

One way this happens is in the so-called ‘Conservative Leaders’ Dinners’

The wealthy and the leaders of the Conservative party wine and dine together. They come together with their shared interests.

Big donations from the already wealthy appear to be accompanied by Government action. Their latest manifesto shows exactly this. They have made huge promises to Big Oil – giving it more space than any other industry. But what they don’t want you to know if that they’ve taken almost £400,000 in donations from oil magnates – and half of these have come to their cosy dinners.

We are in a position to change this. While ‘few’ can secure promises from Theresa May’s Conservatives, they can’t buy the vote of the ‘many’. Britain is at a crossroads. We can either go on in the same old way. Or we can transform the way our country operates  by choosing a Labour Government.


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